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Trade and Investment Promotion

We have ample international expertise to assist our clients in their cross-border business activity, including in-depth understanding of the investment climate, customs tariffs and procedures, legal and regulatory framework, and tax codes.  We also provide objective analysis of fast-breaking political and economic conditions in dozens of countries spanning five continents. 

Opening Doors for International Business Clients

We retain an extensive network of international contacts in governments and business sectors around the globe.  These contacts can facilitate our clients’ entry into international markets, provide political and economic policy guidance, and potentially serve as direct partners in a specific commercial or investment ventures.

Washington Advocacy and Immigration Issues


We are a Florida-based company, but are duly registered to conduct outreach and lobbying services for our clients with the U.S. Administration and the U.S. Congress. We also work along-side respected immigration lawyers in Miami and Washington DC to assist clients in the process of obtaining business and work visas in the United States. 

Security Analysis and Connections for U.S. Businesses Overseas

We provide analysis of the security (terrorist and crime) situation for firms seeking to do business or open offices overseas.  We can also assist in connecting our clients to reputable firms that provide a broad range of protection and security services for our clients. 

International Development

The United States, Europe, Japan and other wealthy nations provide an estimated $100 billion per year in economic development assistance to poor and developing nations. This assistance is channeled directly by governments through their aid agencies (e.g. USAID), or through a network of international developments banks, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. These development projects are in the areas, of health, education, infrastructure, policy reform, energy, women’s empowerment, and more. We assist clients to get connected to the international development community and better understand the process of providing goods and services to these development entities, or creating and managing development projects overseas.

Public Speaking and Education

Managing Director Ambassador (ret.) Hugo Llorens is a an experienced and respected public speaker on a wide range of issues. He can speak to university and business audiences on an ample range of issues including leading and managing complex organizations in an overseas environment (including experiences and lessons from running the World’s largest Embassy in Afghanistan), crisis managements, the art and science of Grand Strategy, negotiating peace (the case of Afghanistan), the Clean Energy Revolution, the inner workings of the U.S. National Security structure, and current developments in the global financial, trading and investment systems, the EU, Latin America, and Australia and the Western Pacific. We can also provide short two-three class courses (non-credit) for students and adults on a wide panoply of global issues.

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