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AHLLGP provides strong expertise for those keen on doing business in the global market place. 

About Ambassador Hugo Llorens (ret.)

Ambassador Llorens is a leader, executive and advisor with vast international experience. Two-time Ambassador (Afghanistan and Honduras), and Consul General (Vancouver and Sydney), and 36 years of diplomatic experience in Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Central Asia. Earned numerous awards for achievement from six Presidents, including leading the largest Embassy in the world in Kabul.  His skills include directing/leading inter-agency policy teams, overseas and in Washington, strategic planning and communications, security management, conflict resolution, and negotiations. Ample public speaking and media experience on a diverse range of national security, foreign policy and trade, investment, energy and financial issues. 

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Ambassador Hugo Llorens is the CEO and Managing Director of Ambassador Hugo Llorens and Global Partners  (AHLLGP) LLC.  AHLLGP is an international consulting firm devoted to provide business advice for U.S. companies seeking to operate and do business overseas.  AHLLGP also provides business facilitation services for overseas businesses seeking to sell their goods and services in the United States market or invest in the U.S.  As a recently-retired 36-year veteran of the U.S. diplomatic service, Ambassador Llorens retains a vast network of official and private sector contacts in Latin America, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Asia-Pacific, and South Asia and Afghanistan.  Under his leadership, AHLLGP can provide businesses practical advice on how to invest and sell goods and services overseas.  AHLLGP gives its clients expert analysis and advice on the political and economic situation in a given country, provides assessments of the investment climate, and overviews on the regulatory environment at the macro level and in any given industry of sector.  Ambassador Llorens and his partners retain a vast network of contacts worldwide and in Washington DC.  He can introduce private sector clients to senior officials and business executives overseas, and give advice on both the opportunities and minefields of operating in a specific overseas market.  AHLLGP also provide consulting services on the security environment abroad and can assist companies in arranging personal security for traveling executives, and make the connections and provide the assistance necessary to contract high quality security for any new business venture. 

The United States, Europe, Japan and other wealthy nations provide an estimated $100 billion per year in economic development assistance to poor and developing nations.  This assistance is channeled directly by governments through their aid agencies (e.g. USAID), or through a network of international developments banks, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.  These development projects are in the areas, of health, education, infrastructure, policy reform, energy, women’s empowerment, and more.  We assist clients to get connected to the international development community and better understand the process of providing goods and services to these development entities, or creating and managing development projects overseas.

For his foreign clientele, Ambassador Llorens and the AHLLGP team can help in navigating the bureaucratic and regulatory maze at the Federal or individual State levels, as well as connect them with potential partners.   



AHLLGP organizes international business seminars to corporate teams and their boards focused on all elements of selling, investing and operating overseas.  Ambassador Llorens is also a motivational and informational speaker, and is available to address a wide range of audiences on everything from leadership, international crisis management, and specific foreign policy issues.   He is also an expert on visa issues, business and travel, and can assist clients in this critical area


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Ambassador Hugo Llorens (ret.)

Ambassador Hugo Llorens (ret.)

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